NexPlore Viewer

NexPlore is a new, versatile way of viewing BIM models and information online and on mobile devices.

Material/Item Risk R1 R2 R3 Presume Unanalysed Sample
Switch Floor


To rotate the model, press and hold the mouse down on a section of the canvas and then move your mouse or finger to your desired placement. To zoom, use the scrollwheel or pinch on mobile. To pan the model, hold the scrollwheel or finger down and move the model (or use three fingers on a mobile device). To view object information, click an "a" on the canvas. The highlighted object will display object information. Clicking on any non-asbestos item will hide it from the model, allowing viewing of obscured asbestos items. Double clicking an asbestos item will hide it. To reset the model, click the reset floor cube on the bottom right of the canvas. If clicking on a 360 Orbital, then the 360 viewer will be displayed underneath the legend. This is to show a true 360 degree experience.

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